Welcome: The New Sexy Me

Personally i feel every woman is beautiful, brave, intelligent and special. i also believe women should be very comfortable in their underwear at work, home with the kids, dinner date with that special someone, running errands or going grocery shopping.

If i can recall correctly everyone of my experience with underwear, shape wear or lingerie has been quite a mess, from the days of those horrible training bras i was gifted. (which i greatly regret ever wearing and i blame for the saggy shape i complain my breast is or was, i'm seeing tremendous improvement although). if you've ever been my boyfriend you would relate i hated my body, and ugh! i hated to see me naked ( how much more anyone else). My underwear story is such a big Noooo. My panties where dead and looked like something that Zombies would wear to a party, i wasn't allowed to buy my own underwear or at least i was shy. Damn!!! I had to be gifted used underwear...it was required of me to accept those undies and wear them, i didn't wanna seem rude...i can go on and on about my horrifying experience and misery of my dead underwear stories.

Not up till June last year where i found myself in and underwear store got me think to myself. I've got to change this narrative. i headed back home tried on the underwear i got at the store, and i felt very different, i felt new and refreshed i felt...Boooooyyyy for the first time since i was born i called myself the four letter word....SEXY

I know how much it is a challenge for some women to Love and Embrace their body and with the serious rise of plastic surgery and with little help from the media. It can be devastating to women generally not to be accepted because of her body shape or a particular way she dresses, or they tell her "you're too fat' or as in my case "you're too slim" "too skinny and can never be sexy". I mean who are they to judge how beautiful you are, twist the truth, turn it to a lie and tell you "your body shape is disgusting". No Woman should go through a surgical blade (especially when very unnecessary with cheap implants that are so not you just to look beautiful and be accepted into a "caste" system of big boobs). I strongly believe your true beauty is within you no matter what anybody says. And you can work your already beautiful body into that desired shape that you wish....

Just before you judge me. I'm just saying you're beautiful unique brave bold and please understand it's also God's plan for you to unlock and discover the true purpose of your feminism. Unleash your feminism and don't be afraid to call your beautiful self SEXY!!!!


To Ladies in the house who knows what i'm talking about...

-Atosemi Oma


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